Friday, February 1, 2013

Thrill of the Hunt

We lived in Richmond Virginia for five years and loved every minute of it. We probably wouldn't have moved to DC (not that we don't love it here now too) if the economy hadn't tanked in 2008 and taken the company my husband worked for down with it. All this is to say I am a big fan of all things Richmond including the adorable blogging duo behind Young House Love (YHL).

I was super excited when last week YHL announced a thrifting challenge in response to this awesome song (which my thrifting buddy Sherrina sent me a couple of weeks ago). So the challenge is pretty simple - hit your favorite thrift store with $20 in your pocket, buy something cool, photograph items mentioned in the song, and share your purchases on your blog.

I visited Value Village and Unique Thrift, two of my favorite mega thrift stores in the DC area. As is frequently the case when you are looking for an amazing find, I didn't find much. I had no problem finding items mentioned in the song - like this key board. The 12 year old me would have bought this on the spot!

It was't until I made one last stop in the plate aisle, when I spotted an entire shelf of vintage souvenir plates. Most of the plates were a bit ornate for my taste - like these,

but two plates in the bunch jumped out at me at $7 later they were mine. They already had plate hangers so after washing off all of the grime (and they were pretty dirty) I hung them up in my breakfast room.

I didn't find anything to spend my remaining $13 on. I am on the hunt for an end table for my living room, I'll let you know if I find something for $13 or less.


Gillian @ GUG said...

While I didn't find any souvenir state plates on this thrifting trip, I am trying to collect one from each state. Glad to see that someone else appreciates them too!

Amanda said...

Gillian, how do you use/display them? I also love souvenir linens from the same era. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Unknown said...

LOVE the State plates!!! What a great find! We just added those to our 'must have' list for July 4th!

Gillian @ GUG said...

I have always loved the state plates and when I saw this BHG post ( I figured the wall at the top of my stairs would be perfect to do something similar. I only have about 10 right now (I'm pretty particular!) but I check for them every time I go to thrifting.

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I agree those are nice souvenir plates (some are a bit over the top, but yours aren't). Are those places meaningful or are you collecting all the states?

Amanda said...

Grace, I picked up the Colorado plate first and had to have it. My husband grew up there and that's where we met - so it is very meaningful to us. I spotted the FL plate under and stack and almost didn't buy it because I don't have a connection to FL. I am glad I bought it anyway. Its fun and its the perfect contrast to CO. I don't have plans to start a collection - but I think a set of 8 would nice - that way I could actually use them for a dinner party.


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