Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween Costumes - Only a Week Late!

Although this year has been super busy - have I mentioned I started a new business ( designing, making, and selling paint by number kits - I still found time to make my kids' Halloween costumes. Thankfully this year's costumes were not too difficult. Last year's fish and princess in black required some serious sewing.

This year my 6 year old daughter requested a fox costume and my 9 year old son asked to be Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. The latter was more labor intensive so I'll start there. In case you aren't familiar with Calvin and Hobbes. They are the main characters in a cartoon by Bill Watterson that ran from 1985 to 1995. I LOVED it when I was a kid and last year I gave all of my books to my son. Hobbes is Calvin's stuffed animal. He comes to life when the two of them are alone.

My Calvin's outfit was pretty easy. I used fabric paint to add stripes to an old red tee-shirt and I found the black shorts at a Thrift store. Calvin's spiky hair was a bit of an experiment. Its basically a simple fleece hat, with a bunch of pointy scraps sewn on it. Hobbes was a little bit trickier. 

I found and followed this free pattern to make Hobbes. It was easy to follow and it really looks like the stuffed version of Hobbes. It did require A LOT of hand sewing but it was worth it. My little Calvin LOVES his Hobbes.

Now for my little fox.

Her outfit was MUCH easier. I started with a pair of orange PJs from Primary. I added some white fur to the shirt and made a fleece fox tail (with a fleece covered elastic waist band) and the fox ears. to make the ears I glued card board triangles onto a head band, then covered the entire thing with fleece. I wish I'd taken pictured of the process. I was definitely figuring it out as I went. She loves the ears and wants to wear them all of the time. 

I can't believe this is my 9th year of making costumes. I told my son that next year he gets to help make his. It will be bitter sweet to pass the torch, but I think he'll really enjoy making his own.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

One Room Challenge - 1 Week to Go!

Once again I am late to the ORC guest participant party! The room is actually coming together and I have a few DIY projects to bang out this week, but I feel confident that I can get it all done. The biggest thing that needs to happen is for my sofa to be delivered. Its really the center piece of the room. Fingers crossed.

So my West Elm chair came and I love it! I also did some shopping for pillows and other odds and ends.

I got the pillow from Home Goods. Its a pretty grey blue velvet. 

These white pillows will go on the sofa. Every room in my house has a basket - mostly to hide all of the kids' stuff in when people come over. 

I swapped out the fabric in the secretary. Its subtle, but looks great. I have extra fabric and will probably make a couple of pillows with it. Speaking of extra fabric, I used the leftover curtain fabric is make a big pouf. A friend had given me all of her old patio cushions a while a ago - I look them a part and used them to stuff this thing. Its a little lumpy. I think I need to remove all of the foam and snuggly wrap it in batting, then put it back in the cube. The kids love it and it makes a nice foot rest. 

I had really wanted to buy new chairs for the area by the window, but they weren't in the cards. So I brought up two chairs from the basement. They were underused  in the basement and they work really well in this room.  I thought the black would be a little harsh - but my grandmother always said "every room needs a touch of black" and she was right. 

I also bought this cute little end table for the room. It was on sale for $80 at target! You may recall that I have a thrifted table that also has a hexagon shaped top. I'm working on that piece today. 

In addition to the sofa delivery I still have to tackle that big blank wall, paint two pieces of furniture (surprises), and fuss over the room's styling. EEEK. Oh, and did I mention that the kids have three days off of school this week! 

I can't wait to see all of the big reveals next week! 


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