Friday, December 9, 2011

Thirfty Thursday Vintage Toys

I didn’t repurpose or remake any part of this week’s thrifty find, but I think both are still worth sharing. If you read this post last Thursday (on its regularly scheduled day), you know about my plan to not just buy presents for my children this Christmas, but to also make and buy second hand gifts. I plan to donate the savings (what I would have spent on new similar gifts) to charity, along with my regular holiday donation.

I was super excited to find this vintage globe at one of my favorite thrift stores for $6.00. It is in great condition and has so much charm. I love the colors and the astrological signs on the base. Some of the countries no longer exist, i.e. the USSR, but I think it will still be a great educational tool. Its metal and magnetic so I plan to make little magnets that he can stick on it to make it more interactive (more on that next week).

For my daughter I picked up a vintage-esque fisher price phone for $1.90. I think it’s a newer version that is made to look older. It too is in excellent condition. Beatrice loves pull toys and loves phones so I know it is going to be a hit.

Because both toys are oddly shaped I decided to make reusable fabric drawstring bags to wrap them in. A friend of mine is very environmental conscious and wraps all of her family’s their gifts this way. I love wrapping paper and my kids love tearing it, so I probably won’t totally transition to this gift wrapping method, but I do plan to use it for at least 1/3 of the gifts under the tree.

Ok, now for the tally of savings/money to donate to charity.

This globe was the closest thing I could find to my globe. Its price tag of $49 minus the $6 I spent on my globe = $43 additional dollars for charity.
I found the latest version of the Fisher Price phone for $11. $11 minus $1.90 = $9.10 additional dollars for charity.

$43 + 9.10 +28 (from the stroller last week) = 80 additional dollars for charity! I am just getting started so check back next week for more thrifty gift ideas.  


Unknown said...

Hi! I ran across your blog on Pinterest and I was hoping you would stop by my page and check my stuff out and subscribe. I just started my blog and Im hoping to connect with more crafters! Thanks, Katie!

Amanda said...

Katie, I am off to check out your blog now! Thanks for stopping by.


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