Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home is Where the Heart Is

For this week's Iron Craft Challenge, we had to craft something with maps. I was inspired after reading this article in the Washington Post Magazine about the designer of the iconic Metro map being asked to redesign it after more than 30 years. As a DC native the Metro map is a very familiar image and one that makes me think of home. I decided to do my own little take on the metro map, with a crafty spin of course. The heart symbolizes my Metro stop in the place in the DC Metro area that I currently call home. I may take another stab at this project as I am not completely satisfied with the stitching. I plan to frame this or another attempt and add it to the growing collection of art for the gallery wall in my son's room. Pics of that coming soon.

To make my metro map I:
  1. Downloaded and printed a metro map from the DC Metro Website
  2. I used paper clips to secure the map to a piece of card stock
  3. On the sewing machine, I carefully stitched over the printed map
  4. After I was done sewing I carefully tore off the printed paper to reveal my stitched map.

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