Monday, April 25, 2011

Quick Tip: Solar Lights

Shortly after moving in we found 10 solar lights stashed away in our shed. They remained there for a year and were brought out last week to place throughout our newly landscaped backyard. They were all in working condition, but most (9) were missing the stakes that hold them in the ground. I could not find replacement stakes at Home Depot and I was afraid to order them online in the event that they didn't fit. That, and the fact that replacement stakes sell for $3-5 for per 2 pack.  The solution? I used 10 inch spikes. I purchased a box of 15 at my neighborhood hardware store for just under $15 (less than $1 per spike). They went into the ground very easily, the lights fit them perfectly, and they seem to be more stable that the plastic stakes that the lights came with.

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