Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge - Week 12

I have been wanting to make sewing cards for a while. They are a great *quiet* project for my three year old, especially on rainy spring days. To fit the guidelines of this week's Iron Craft Challenge, I used Little Golden Book covers with with lucky symbols - rabbit, numbers 4 and 7, and a horse shoe.

To make my sewing cards I used:
- scraps of mat board cut to 5X7 cards
- Modge Podge
- paint brush
- a small hole punch
- X-acto knife
- my computer and printer
- an extra long shoe lace

Step 1: surf Google Images for Little Golden Book Covers and save selected images on your computer

Step 2: Crop images as needed (I use Picasa to edit my photos) and print images (5X7 format) on regular paper.

Step 3: Using a paint brush, apply a coat of modge podge to each of the 5X7 mat board cards.

Step 4: Lay your printed picture face down on a smooth surface and press the mat board card on to it (you should be able to see the printed area through the back of the paper). Use an X-acto knife to trim the paper not affixed to the mat board card.

Step 5: Apply a thin coat of Modge Podge to the image. This will seal it to the mat board. The paper may buckle in some spots. Do not attempt to smooth them out. They will disappear once the modge podge dries (over night)

Step 6: Use a hole punch to punch holes around the borders, images, shapes, etc.

Step 7: Give the sewing card and a long shoe lace to a child and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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