Friday, December 24, 2010

Pay it Forward

I really liked the sentiment of this post on Brunch at Saks. So instead of my usual Fresh Friday post I thought I'd share my own list of ways I plan to pay it forward in the new year.

My Pay it Forward List:

1. Introduce my son to volunteering. The park by our house has several community led clean-ups throughout the year which I think may be the perfect volunteer project for a three year old.

2. Visit the nursing home where my grandmother lives on a regular basis. I have been so bad about going there. She doesn't recognize me which makes the visits really tough. I have to remember that even if she doesn't know who I am, visitors always make the residents happy.

3. Give more of my time and talents. I am starting off the year by donating a custom item to a silent auction for this wonderful organization.

4. Model generosity. Every time we turn on the TV, my son needs a new toy. It would be easy to blame the TV, but when I want something I simply buy it. I hope to find ways to show Elliot that richness in life does not come from  the things we have, and that giving is more rewarding than getting.

5. Be a better friend.


Amy Hermes Anderson (AHA) said...

Hi - I came across your beautiful blog as I was writing my own blog post about Paying it Forward.

I hope it's ok that I included an image from your blog on mine.

Amanda said...

I am glad you stumbled across namesake design. I actually borrowed the image you found on my blog from another great read, I enjoyed browsing though your blog too!


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