Thursday, November 11, 2010

Running Out of Excuses

Here I go again, apologizing for the recent lack of posts. I have so many projects on the verge of completion, and so many completed things I would like to share with you. Its just that a lot of my blogging time has been hi-jacked by another hobby, running.

After I had Elliot I got a wake up call. I was not living a healthy life. Not only was I unhappy with my weight, but I was frustrated by my lack of energy. I was on the same path as my father. He died of a heart attack when I was 17. I decided to do something to ensure that I would be able to stick around for my kids as long as possible, and through diet and exercise I lost almost 50 pounds. When I was pregnant with Beatrice I set a goal to run a half marathon after she was born. Which brings us back to the lack of posts. Training for a half marathon consumes a lot of time, especially for slow runners like me.

My training ended yesterday and the race is this weekend. I plan to keep running after the race, but probably won't be taking too many 1-2 hour long runs. With all that free time, I may even manage to post more than once a week.

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