Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BG's Nursery Part III: Lighting

With blackout curtains in place, I don't have to worry much about unwanted light sneaking into Baby Girl's room at sun rise or during nap time. But my darling girl shouldn't have to live in a cave, so I have selected lighting that I think will be perfect for playing, story time, and late night diaper changes and feedings.

First, the hubby and I replaced a clunky ceiling fan installed by the previous owners with an antique chandelier that I bought on eBay for a steal a few years ago. It hung in the foyer in our house in Richmond, but unfortunately the foyer in our new home is very short and there isn't enough space to keep the chandelier from getting hit by the front door. Not only does it add a little sparkle to the nursery but it creates a nice bright light that is perfect for playtime. I am considering adding these candlestick covers to add a touch of whimsy but I am torn between the pink dots and the green dots - what do you think? To make the chandelier even more versatile I plan to ask the hubby to install a dimmer switch.

I also brought a small table lamp into the room. I love the modern shape of this little gourd lamp and the color. It lived in our guest room in our last home, but seemed better suited to the nursery in our new home. When Baby Girl transitions to a big girl bed it will become her bedside lamp.

I would still like to add a nightlight to the room, but I haven't found one that I love. I also really like the idea of flanking either side of the crib with sconces like these from pottery barn, except with less boxy shades, but I think that would be a little much for my little nursery.

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Better Browns said...


I cannot believe I am saying this, but go for the green! I 'heart' pink like nobody's business, but I think it adds a break-up of the the pink around the room. I have been watching too much Design on a Dime; I sound like Kristin Taylor now!

See you this weekend.


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