Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twice the Fun

With all of my attention focused on moving, my son's birthday (which is next month) completely slipped my mind. His first birthday was a joint party with a little friend who is a day younger than Elliot. By this time last year I had already selected a theme (pink and green: the alligator and the bunny turn 1) made and sent invitations, created decorations, sewed custom t-shirts for the birthday boy and girl, and ordered favors (beanie baby pink bunnies and alligators).

Elliot's second birthday will be a low-key event, and and will likely have a train theme. I plan to get to work on it this weekend. In the mean time I thought you might like to see some of my favorite elements from his first birthday celebration.


Becky G. said...

SO cute! I'm blown away at your creativity. You should really add some of this to your Etsy shop. The dual (or more) birthday party seems to be a trend, too, so I'm sure other folks would dig your invite duo and how you successfully incorporated both elements into one party theme.

Unknown said...

Everything you do is so clever! Adorable, and RBG is right. You should create little party items for kids and sell them!


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