Monday, June 29, 2009

Lovely Pair

When we moved into our house my mom gave me a pair of beautiful white porcelain candelabras that were my grandmothers. I displayed them on their own in a number of places throughout my house but always felt something was missing. When I set them atop the bright white mantel in my living room, it dawned on me that they would look great with a bunch of other interesting white candlesticks/holders, and so my collection was born. As you can see it truly is an eclectic mix of modern and antique.

Just when I thought it was complete, I came across Fruit Fly Pie on Etsy and fell in love with these owl lanterns. White, check. Unique, check. Must have, check! They compliment the other candlesticks/holders perfectly and really do complete my collection.

Are you a collector? How have you incorporated your collections into your decor? Do tell and do share photos - I may post them here.

1 comment:

wendy said...

Wow, they look awesome on your mantle, thank you so much for featuring them on your blog.


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