Saturday, July 22, 2017

Another Move and New Design Plans

If I had know that I would live in 5 houses in 9 years when I started this blog, I probably would have exclusively focused on the fun and challenges of buying, selling, and renovating to sell. I thought our last house would be our forever house. I slowly and carefully decorated each space and had big plans for the kitchen. Alas, a job change for my husband has brought us back to Richmond, VA and another new house.

At first I was so sad to leave our last house. It was a pretty amazing property. In addition to a unique design that was filled with unique touches and character, the lot spanned a little over two acres and was crossed by a wide creek that was deep enough for rock skipping and fishing. It was all pretty magical.

I'll post more on EVERYTHING we did to transform this house soon. Although it felt like home and we loved the community and neighborhood it was an older home and it was a lot to manage. When the opportunity to move back to Richmond came up, we couldn't pass up the lower cost of living and slower pace of the River City. Thankfully all of our renovation efforts paid off and the house sold after a month on the market.

Our new house (the 4th we've owned if you're keeping track) is the newest home we've owned yet. It was built in 1991. Thankfully it isn't covered with wallpaper and it isn't in need of MAJOR renovations. It does need some freshening up and we've already had all off the walls and trim painted. All of the trim was off-white. I'm decorating this home at a faster pace than the others. I know what I like and I've carried over a lot of the decor and design from our last house.

I'll post more about the new house, but today I want to share a room that is going in a completely new direction, the dining room. We decided to upgrade our World Market dining set with something a bit more grown-up. Basically the only existing piece going back into the room is my mid century modern hutch.

Here's the room as it looked when first toured the house:

Thankfully the stripes were painted. I don't think I could have handled another wallpaper removal project! Here's the plan: 

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 -

The room has already been painted and it looks amazing! The grey linen will be used to line the back of the hutch and the colorful fabric will be sewn into long draperies. I cannot wait to show you the completed space! 


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