Monday, January 30, 2017

Living Room Reveal

Remember last fall when I attempted the One Room Challenge? Yeah, I can barely remember either because it was so LONG ago. It was my third attempt at the One Room Challenge and it was the first challenge that I didn't complete on time.

The room I decided to tackle was my living room - one of the biggest rooms in my home. The room sat empty for almost a year because A) I didn't know what I wanted to with it, and B) I did't have the budget I wanted for it.

By last fall I was so tired of seeing it empty, that I decided to tackle it on a small budget. I was very lucky to have inherited several beautiful pieces of furniture from my grandmother to use in the room. You can see what I was starting with here and here.

The room was basically done in the fall, but my sofa took longer to upholster than expected and I decided the coffee table I inherited wasn't the right fit for the room. I asked for a gift card for Joss in Main for my birthday/Christmas present to use towards a new coffee table and sofa table. By Christmas the room was basically done. Of course I'm just getting around to photographing and posting it now.

As a reminder, here is the big dark room before:

Dark and covered with wallpaper (even on there ceiling). I'm so happy with my bright space.

This little embroidered pillows is one of two that my grandmother had. They work just as well with my blue sofa as they did with her yellow sofa. 

My favorite thing in the room is the sofa! I love the silvery blue velvet that I ordered from West Elm. The kids aren't allowed anywhere near it.

I put a table behind the sofa to help divide the space and to keep little hands off the back of the sofa. I used extra curtain fabric to make the poof. The brass cranes on top of the table were my grandmother's. I painted the globe - you can find others like it at

The chairs in the corner by the window were in the basement. They weren't really needed there and they work well in this space. I'm still undecided about the table between them. I think I'd prefer it painted with a shiny lacquer finish - I just don't know what color.

This grey truck serves as extra seating and another surface to hold all of my stuff - like these brass candle sticks I found at a local thrift store. The trunk cost $2 at a garage sale. It is the second trunk that I've spruced up with chalk paint. I think I've met my trunk quota now. 

I think this part of the room needs a rug too. Something simple like an ivory colored rug with lots of texture. Perhaps something like this

I also need a plant for this little plant stand that I made over. I think a small fiddle fig would be perfect. I am going to wait until spring, when the plant selection is a little bit better. 

Even though it wasn't completed on time. I'm so glad I took on this room. It makes me so happy every time I walk by it and so many things in it remind me of my beloved grandmother. I know my Mimsey would have loved this room. 

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