Monday, October 17, 2016

One Room Challenge - Living Room Week 2

I'm late again with my post for the One Room Challenge, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on the room. I've selected and ordered most of the fabric that will be in the room. I also purchased a large rug at Home Goods. The rug is mostly bluish grey but has a little pink, green,  and cream in it. 

1. The rug is pretty traditional, but with a blown up pattern. I like that even though it has colors in it, it feels neutral. 

2. This is an accent fabric that will be used pretty minimally in the room. I have a secretary that I bought on craigslist and painted with a cream colored chalk paint a few years ago. I plan to line the back of the upper cabinet (which has fretwork glass doors) with this. 

3. I'm pretty excited about this buffalo check for the curtains. The squares are pretty big (4" x 4"). It should help bring the formality of the room down an notch. The color is a warm brownish grey that will work really well with the walls and other fabrics. 

4. The light blue silvery velvet for my antique chesterfield sofa (which looks more silver and blue in this picture). The sofa was picked up last week and should be derived by Halloween. I can't wait to see it. 

5. I ordered the Livingston Chair from West Elm a few weeks ago and it is being upholstered in this boucle. Its texture should be a nice contrast to the velvet sofa. 

I want the room to feel very neutral and warm - but with color. Does that make sense? I plan to bring in some creamy white knit textures and metal accents. Although it has a couple of fussy delicate pieces in it, I don't want it to feel fussy - but I do want it to feel slightly more special/formal than our family room. I really hope I can execute my vision!

This week, (I do plan to post on Thurdsay) I hope to finish sewing and hanging the curtains. I'll also share my plan for the room's layout, the other furniture that I already have for the room, as well as my wishlist for the rest of the room. The room is very large approximately 30 x 20 square feet - although I've already purchased and own quite a few things for the room, I still need three pretty large pieces. 


Lizzie @ Emmerson and Fifteenth said...

Fun! Glad you're joining in. :)
I love your accent fabric - I actually planned on using it in my daughter's room ( but then we moved and it never happened. It's still sitting rolled up in a closet. One day I'll make curtains out of it though!
Can't wait to see how your plans come together. Good luck!

Karin said...

I just love the fabrics you are using! Love them! I can't wait to see your room. Its going to be gorgeous. All those windows! Such a great space.


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