Thursday, May 5, 2016

One Room Challenge - Painted Stairs

There's only one week left of the One Room Challenge!!! Since last week, I finished the stairs and a couple of other small projects. Even though I feel like I have gotten so much done in my new craft room/studio/office, I still feel like I have so much more to do!

I LOVE how the stairs turned out. If you follow me on Instagram (@mandyfarn) you saw my stair progress. This was not an easy project. Taping around all of those edges and moldings was challenging. I used frog tape and painted over it with the white paint to seal the edges before painting my runner with Benjamin Moore's Black Horizon (a much darker shade of the wall color, Mineral Ice). The stairs required some touch up after the tape came off, and I also had to caulk the edge between the stairs and the wall. There were a few spaces that didn't sit flush and the little cracks really bothered me.

So much tape...

I still have to carpet the landing at the top of the stairs and paint the door at the bottom of the stairs - in addition to a million other details to wrap up in the next 7 days!!! Oh and did I mention that my in-laws arrive on Saturday?!?

By some miracle, I also got a lot done on the little art table/play area for my daughter. I spray painted an orange table that was in our old playroom grey, and dressed up a couple of little Ikea stools with soft tops. There's a fun surprise on top of that table, but I'm saving it for the big reveal. Don't you love the floor? I am so happy with the way this side of the space is coming together. 

The stool toppers were super easy to make. I used a soft orange fleece pillow case that I picked up at Ikea when I bought the stools. Basically you sew a little channel around a circle, thread it with elastic, tie the elastic, and pop it back on the stool. IMO, Safety pins are the best tool for threading elastic. 

I can't wait to reveal the entire space next week or to see all of the amazing completed ORC rooms!


Lizzie @ Emmerson and Fifteenth said...

All the taping was definitely worth it - those stairs look AWESOME!

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Those stairs look fantastic! Love your floor, too. This will be such a fun space!

Unknown said...

I love the stairs and the multi-colored carpet squares. This is going to be a great space! I'm so excited to see the final room.

Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

Hey said...

Your stairs look amazing!!!!!

Decor To Adore said...

Amanda I adore the stairs! I can’t wait for the reveal! I love the direction the space is going in. As a fellow ORC participant it’s been wonderful to gather some fantastic inspiration. I’d love for you to share your progress at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Our readers would love to see it. The gathering is at

Mila @jestcafe said...

I bet those stairs were so much work! They look perfect. the lines are so well done. Nice job.

Unknown said...

Love the faux stairs runner what a huge improvement!

Lisa J said...

these are awesome and I'm torn between black and gray after reading Heathers nest post.
She mentioned she used porch paint-- you said you used Benjamin Moore, but what type of finish?

I think i'm going to try to emulate over the next handful of weeks.

Amanda said...

I used BM satin finish porch paint.
I like that they aren't supper glossy.
Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your stairs!


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