Thursday, May 12, 2016

Craft Room Reveal!

Wow, 6 weeks sure can fly by! I have spent the last couple of days putting the final touches on my craft room/studio/office for the One Room Challenge. My in-laws were here visiting for about 5 days which slowed me down (although I had a lovely time with them) and required me to wrap things up yesterday and this morning! I got it done and I am beyond thrilled with my new space. 

After you scroll through this most (sorry there are about a million pictures) be sure to check out the amazing spaces completed by the nearly 200 other ORC guest participants. 

Do you remember what it looked like before? Dark, dated, uninspiring. Check, check, check.

Well, after 6 weeks of hard work its a totally different space!

As you may recall,  my craft room consumes the entire third floor of our house. There were basically 4 areas to address: the stairs, the loft, the "bedroom", and the bathroom. I did not get to the bathroom. I hope to finish that up and share it with you in a couple of weeks. 

The stairs were a major project. They suit the space really well and make me smile every time I climb them. That door was one of my hold-ups. I finally got it painted last night!

I hung two prints in the stair well that were in our last house. One is of Richmond, VA and one is of Washington DC. They work perfectly in here. 

If you go right at the top of the stairs you go into the "bedroom." It's more my office/sewing/crafting room but I put a bed it. I would like to do more with the bed, but I ran out of time and money. 

As you enter the room you pass my ironing board and see my desk on the left. The weather here is so grey today! I played around with taking pictures with the light on and off, and aperture settings... Sorry if some are super bright or too dark. 

This is as clean as my desk will EVER be. I made this desk out of an old door years ago. I want to put a new piece of plexi on it and change out the paper under the plexi, but again - time and money. 

I've also had these frames for years. The little squirrel hung in my daughter's room in our old house. I hadn't hung it up in this house yet, so I took it back. Its the prefect thing to hold my sewing scissors. 

I ordered this light from Amazon. It is a great task light and I love the way it looks. 

I made this light (thanks to a friend's brilliant idea) from a couple of purchases at Ikea. I painted it (the same color and the door and the bed legs) to look dipped. 

I painted the built-in dresser, cabinet, and closet door. This room has so much great storage!

My daughter is frequently up here while I'm working, so I added a couple of things to keep her busy like this chalk board. 

The door to the closet is a bright glossy green. Unfortunately, its not reading that way in these pictures.  

To the right of my desk is a little window seat. It looks out on to the backyard and is a good place for guests (i.e. my husband or children) to sit when they are up here. 

My "I swear it's green" door. 

 I used Ikea hooks to hang the ironing board. The hooks fold flat when not in use. 

This light replaced a very ugly fan. I salvaged it when we remodeled our bathroom. I painted it turquoise and made the cord cover. Its not my dream light, but it was free and it's very bright. 

Now for the other side. This is where I plan to paint. I decided to take a risk with the floor. I wanted this to be a fun and playful space that inspires creativity. I think I achieved my goal. 

This is the other little space I created for my daughter. Of course my son can use it to, but he is 8 and does not need to be with me at all times like she seems to. The doll house was pulled out of a neighbor's the trash a couple of years ago. It was covered in paint, glitter, and stickers. I took it apart, cleaned it, painted it, and put it back together. My daughter loves it. 

I also spruced up this cabinet for all of my painting supplies. Tip - soaking painted hardware in a crock pot really does work!

The ceiling fixture was my grandmother's. She was a very creative lady and I love that it hangs in here now. I want to hang something on that tall wall in the stairwell. I'm just not sure what yet. 

After cleaning off the Expedit, I realize the top wasn't in the best shape. So I decided to paint it with some of the leftover stair paint. Its still a little wet so that's why there is nothing on it!

 One last view of those fabric bins and the funky floor. 

I am so glad I participated in the One Room Challenge! It really pushed me to get this space done. As I've said, there are a few additional things I'd like to do to the space, but they are all small projects - like updating the light switches and outlets. I can't wait to start creating in here!


Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

this is so lovely! A play corner is always a must in a craft room, enjoy your new bright room!

Emily @ Two Purple Couches said...

I love all of the color and the fabric you used! It's so bright and cheerful :) Happy crafting :)

The Packs said...

Amazing!! I'm so impressed! It looks great! I can't wait for you to come and style my new home :)

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

Love this space. So fun and stylish

Grammy said...

I saw this finished third floor in person and A,and a has done a tremendous job once again!

DD's Cottage said...

Love the playroom! the yellow door and the floor are so awesome. you did such a FAB job on this space! Aren't you glad to have it done-I know i am!

Mila said...

Amanda! You did so much work in two weeks! and it looks so good... those stairs are the best! and that floor. This is an amazing improvement!!!

Unknown said...

What a fun space . Love the stairs !

Reviving Charm said...

What a fun space to work with. Congratulations on finishing your space. It looks like a comfortable space to work in with lots of creative touches. Job well done.

Emy said...

Sewing room of my dreams! You did such a great job. It looks like it's such an inspiring place to create in. I love your daughter's dollhouse. I'm currently working on one for my daughter for a dollhouse decorating challenge. It's so much fun.

Unknown said...

An inspiring redo...Love the crisp,clean feel you achieved with your color choices...

great job, ...Patty Flournoy (Stephanie's friend)

Kate Collins said...

What a beautiful spot to craft!! I absolutely love the painted stairs. Great job!

The Crowned Goat said...

Amanda, what a bright and cheerful space! I can't believe you tackled all of these spaces in 6 short weeks - that is awesome! You totally nailed every inch of this craft room and the surrounding space. Everything looks so good. Hugs, CoCo

Vel Criste said...

No doubt your kids will have creativity blast in this space! You've thought of everything! I'm inlove with the play space the most, just so fun with the bright orange, and the floor! Can't believe you did this on a budget, looks awesome! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!

Stephanie said...

What another fabulous space you have created!
I love everything about it and can't wait to see the
yellow door that is green! You are too clever!

Stacey said...

This looks AMAZING! I can't wait to see it in person.

Tara Lehman said...

Your craft room looks awesome Amanda! Those stairs are absolutely fantastic!!! What a great space.

Kemley Peck said...

I absolutely love those stairs!!

Hey said...

I love the city prints you used over the stairs. Can you share where you found them?

Amanda said...

FYI - I posted a source list a couple of weeks ago. It includes links to the prints I hung in the stairwell.


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