Thursday, April 21, 2016

So Much to Sew - ORC Week 3

Its already week three of the One Room Challenge! I tackled quite a few sewing projects this week - and I have a few more planned! I found this fabric on and used it throughout both spaces. I love the colors and the fun mod look of it. I selected all of my paint and other fabrics based on it.

Here's what I've sewed so far: 
Three Faux-man Shades:

I made three faux-man shades for the rooms. I've made these before for my children's rooms and they are much easier to make than you'd think.

Small window on the loft side.
Smaller of the two windows on the bedroom side. 
Basically you sew two rectangles - one of your curtain fabric and the other of liner together (wrong side to wrong side leaving an opening to turn it inside out after sewing). Each should be a little bigger than the size of the window. Next, turn the sewn rectangle inside out and press it with an iron. Top stitch it with a coordinating colored thread - I used white. Determine which side will be the top of the shade and fold it over (2-3") along the top of the shade (front to back). Pin and sew the fold down. The channel you are creating will hold a tension rod so be sure to make sure the seam allowance is big enough that a rod will fit through. Finally, fold your curtain to form the desired number of pleats (like a shade that has been pulled open. Use a needle and thread to "tack" the folds into place (on the back) on the outside edges and in the middle of each fold. Thread a tension rod through and hang up. The windows in my space have really nice honeycomb blinds that can still be opened and closed behind my faux-man shades. 
Larger window on bed side. I also sewed the cushion and the pillow. That's the corner of my desk peaking into the photo. 
Fabric Bins: 

I've had an Ikea Expedit for years. Its been in offices, playrooms, and now my studio. In addition to providing great storage it actually makes the room safer. Yes, safer. The railing at the top of the stairs that is supposed to keep people from falling into the stairwell is pretty flimsy and I'm pretty sure the gaps between the railings are not to code. I put my Expedit along it to prevent any falls. I also put the Expedit on wheels so that I can keep the space flexible. 

The dangerous railing 
I wanted to make some bins to hide all of the crafty stuff I'd like to store on the Expedit. I found lots of tutorials on Pinterest, but they all seemed a little too time consuming for the end result. After some experimenting, I came up with my own method. I'm sure other's have discovered this too and surely someone has blogged about it. 

To make these bins you do need a sewing machine, but you only have to sew 4 straight lines

Step 1: 
I ordered Banker Storage Boxes on Amazon - $21 for six boxes. They fit the Expedit compartments perfectly. I ended up making 4 fabric covered boxes. 

I used the entire width of the fabric 54" then used my box to determine where to cut the length (roughly 3 box sides wide or 37") 

Step 2: Fold the fabric in half (wrong side to wrong side - short end to short end). Sew along the top (short) and side (long) edges - leave the other short side open. I used a .5" seam allowance. 

Step 3: Once sewed keep it inside out and shimmy it on to a box. You'll want to line up the the seams to go down the middle of the bottom of the box and one of the short sides of the box. There will be no seam on the other short side of the box. Shimmy it as far as it can go. Fabric triangles will form along the two short side of the bottom of the box. 

Step 4: Pin along the bottom of the triangles and carefully pull the fabric off the box. Sew a straight line along the line you have pinned. 

Step 5: 
Cut off the excess triangle above your seam. 

Step 6: 
Turn your fabric inside out and shimmy it back on to the box. line up your new corners with the bottom of the box then fold the excess fabric into the open top of the box. 

Step 7: 
Cut the file box lid to fit the bottom of the box. You want it to fit snuggly. As you press the piece  of cardboard into the bottom of the box it will smooth and tighten the fabric on the sides of the box. If you want to get fancy you can cover the cardboard with fabric before sliding it into place. 

Viola! There you have it, 4 stitches = 1 very nicely covered fabric bin. Here's what they look like in the studio. Note I laid the Flor tiles on the loft side! More on that next week.

I have a little bit of organizing to do of the other shelves. Also, check out the floor! I love it and can't wait to show you more of it - but the room is a mess. I can't even show you the top of the Expedit because it's covered with painting supplies. 

I got a lot done this week but still have a lot to do: 
  • Finish touchup to trim and paint doors
  • Sew or find pillows for daybed 
  • hang art and some other stuff
  • Make a hangout area for my six year old (she always wants to be up there with me) 
  • Clean grout in bathroom floor (I think the space was previously occupied by teenage boys...) 
  • Paint the stairs
  • Organize desk and craft supplies 
  • Other odds and end

I found these mason style jars at the thrift store. I'll probably fill them with Washi tape, elastic, and ribbon scraps. I may etch something on them.

This is what the stairs look like at the moment. Primed, but thats all. This is going to be a big painting project. 


Laura said...

This is so much fun to follow your progress! You are well on your way and everything is lovely.
I hope you will share this today at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
Just stop by my blog to join in.
Enjoyed visiting,
White Spray Paint

Lizzie @ Emmerson and Fifteenth said...

Wow you've been busy! Love all your projects this week - very impressive :)

Emy said...

I love your fabric choices! It's looking fantastic!

Sarah Sofia Knepp said...

Hey Amanda, I love all your DIY work! You're so creative and loving how this space is coming together, especially that day bed! Can't wait to see how you finish it. Let's do this! XOXO, Sarah

Amanda said...

Awe! Thanks for all of the kind comments! I'm so impressed by all of the talented Guest Participants in the ORC!

Laura said...

So glad you are at TOHOT!

Stacey said...

Wow! It is looking great! Love the window seat.

Decor To Adore said...

What a clever and crafty upcycle! Thank you for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. This post truly delighted me.

Emily @ Two Purple Couches said...

Very smart idea to cover the banker's boxes with fabric! I need to remember this trick.

Christina said...

Haha, faux-man! I love that.


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