Thursday, April 7, 2016

One Room Challenge - Lofty Plans

Wow! Its been a while since I last posted. As I mentioned in this post, I'm going to stop apologizing for not blogging more often. So no apology today but lots of updates. There is so much I want to share with you but it might take me a while to actually blog about it all. We've finished our master bathroom (and we love it), I've been busy sewing and crafting for my daughter's upcoming 6th birthday party, and I've started renovating our finished attic space - which I'm going to be sharing over the next 7 weeks (starting today) as part of the One Room Challenge.

Since the space is actually 3 rooms - a loft area, a bathroom, and a bedroom; I started my work on the space a few weeks ago. Here's what it looked like before. 

When you come up the stairs there is a "loft area" to the right. The carpet looks okay, but is pretty dirty. I love the sky lights. 

To the left is a little hall that leads into a larger area that could be called a bedroom. Note the built-in cabinet and dresser. 

The room has two windows, one of which has a little window seat. Its also has a nice sized closet and a bathroom. 

Check out that wallpaper. Didn't Wendy's used to have something like that in their restaurants? 

We had the wallpaper removed and the bathroom walls painted before we moved in last year. I moved all of my craft, painting and sewing stuff in; but didn't do anything else to the space until this February. During a blizzard, that basically shut down the city, I decided to start ripping out all of the carpet. 

It was pretty easy to get the carpet off. The real work was in the removal of the tack strips and hundreds of staples. I even found remnants of green shag - I guess from the first owners. I work gardening gloves and used a small crow bar, a hammer, and pliers to get the job done. It took many days to get it all done. 

The trim and walls have also all (well almost all) been painted. Although a LOT has been accomplished there is still much work to be done to transform the space into my dream art/craft/sewing studio. 

Here's my plan: 

1. I love this fabric I found on Its a big print and each leaf is about 3-4 inches long. The colors are great and it has a fun mod feel. I plan to use it for Roman shades and fabric covered bins. 

2. I've already painted the walls Benjamin Moore's Mineral Ice. Its a really light grey with nice blue undertones. It plays really well with all of the colors in my fabric. 

3. I've also painted one of the doors Benjamin Moore's Grape Green. Its a very bright, almost electric, green but I love it. I also plan to use it on the legs of a daybed I'm going to DIY 

4. I've already purchased this duvet cover from Ikea for the bed. I want to keep the bed simple and play off the design I plan to create on the floor in the loft space. 

5. I'm going to paint the stairs with some kind of runner look with a dark grey paint (to be selected). 

6. I had hoped to paint or restore the floor under the carpet, but its pretty sad looking ply wood. Instead of having the space carpeted, I've purchased FLOR carpet tiles. I am going to lay them in a buffalo check pattern on the loft side and use a solid color on the bedroom side of the space. 

7. I've already removed two, giant, ugly, wood and brass ceiling fans from both rooms. I am going to hang a light (similar to the one pictured above) that hung in my grandmother's house in the loft space. I'm repurposing a light from another part of our house in the "bedroom" space. 

8. I purchased this dresser at ikea. The color and size are perfect and it will make great storage for fabric. 

There are several other things I have planned for the space that are not captured on this design board. I can't wait to finally finish this space! I also can't wait to see all of the other space transformations on Calling It Home


laurie at laurie jones home said...

I’m doing a loft for the challenge too! I love your plans!! Good luck!!! Are you regretting removing that wallpaper lol! (:

Tania @ Run to Radiance said...

Wow what a fantastic space you have! I wish we had an attic. I can't wait to see what you do with that wallpapered bathroom! :D


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