Thursday, January 21, 2016

Changing the Narrative

I was making some tweaks to the blog today and I realized I haven't posted ANYTHING since November. The holidays were busy with lots of house guests and holiday projects to keep me occupied. Now that the kids are back in school and all of the decorations are down, I've been doing a lot of thinking about my personal goals for the coming year. In addition to fitness goals and things like being more patient with my children, I also want to set some professional goals for myself. I don't have plans to return to the workforce full-time or even to my previous career part-time. I really want to do something creative that helps or inspires other people, helps me connect with other artists, designers or crafters, and that gives me the flexibility to be a mom when I need to be.

You'd think blogging would fit the bill. Honestly though, 60% of the things I create never make it on to the blog. It takes a lot of time to photograph and write about every project, and other than inspiring a handful of people - I don't know that its worth it. I tired to monetize the blog with Google Adsense and the Amazon Affiliate program but both said my blog "lacked original or unique content"?!?! sigh.

I do plan to continue blogging, but I don't want it to interfere with other creative outlets and opportunities - whatever they may be. So expect posts, but don't expect me to make excuses or vows to blog more every time I write a post.

via Society6

This quote really resonates with me. I have been telling myself for too long that I don't have time, or I'm not good enough, or that I'm just a tiny fish in an ocean of more creative people. 

In 2016 I'm changing the narrative. I've read that writing down goals makes them more attainable so here you go: 

1- Make my studio the inspiring place that I want it to be. Every time I'm in my studio I start thinking about how cool it could be. It's current state is holding my back from spending time in it creating. 

2 - Actually participate in a local artist association. I joined a local artists group more than years ago and have not attended a single event. I need to put myself out there. 

3 - Develop a unique product and sell it at a craft market. I need to do this to prove to myself that I can make something of value. This is not a goal to make money. Its a way to put myself out there and to connect with the crafting community. 

4. Focus on my Etsy site. Improve it. Promote it. 

5. Paint. I love painting. I love the challenge and I love the process. If I want to get better as an artist I need to make more art. 

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