Thursday, October 22, 2015

One Room Challenge - Week Three

I'm half way through the One Room Challenge! My fabric finally arrived and I love it just as much in person as I did online. I normally order swatches before making a final fabric decision, but I didn't have that kind of time! The fabric has several shades of black and grey including some with greenish blue undertones.

I looked for a black that has the same undertones and picked Benjamin Moore Midnight (2131-20) in matte for the walls and Black Satin (2131-10) in gloss for the door and trim.

The color is up on most of the walls and the ceiling and it looks really good. My husband was even impressed and he was not on team Lets Paint a Room Black! I painted the ceiling because it makes the room look bigger, especially when the walls are a really dark color - like black.

Before painting I prepped the walls by removing the old towel bar and TP holder. I have a little sanding and patching to do today, but the walls in this room are in great shape. I did find a little surprise behind the TP hardware.

Almost every single room in our home was covered (including ceilings) in wallpaper when we bought the house. I guess the realtor convinced the previous owner to remove the paper and paint this one tiny room before putting the house on the market. Now I know what the wall paper looked like. Honestly, of all of the paper that was in this house, this is the one I probably like the most.

I hate removing wall paper, but on this scale its a piece of cake. Note, the following steps also work on full scale wallpaper removal projects.

First, remove the vinyl layer. In this instance it peeled right off. When you peel off the vinyl layer a paper layer will be left behind along with the wall paper paste. Spray the paper layer with equal parts fabric softener and hot water. I let it soak through then peeled off the paper layer. I used the fabric softener spray, sponge and clean cloth to wipe away any remaining glue residue.

I've also made a decision on lighting and have selected this sconce from Etsy seller, Gdomm.

I still have a couple of decisions to make in the room, including hardware for the vanity. I finally tracked down the pulls I had in my original design, but at $40 pp, they are not an option. I have a few alternatives that I'll share next week.


Maggie @ Maggie Overby Studios said...

As someone dealing with a a much less pleasant wallpaper removal situation, I wish I had your wallpaper problem :P I love your fabric I picked the same for my daughter's room but she told me she hated it so now I hoping I will find somewhere else to squeeze it in. Can't wait to see how it looks in your space.

Stacey said...

LOVE the sconce! Can't wait to see more as you progress!


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