Friday, October 30, 2015

One Room Challenge - Week 4

I'm a little bit behind with my One Room Challenge update this week and I have to say, it hasn't been the most productive week in my half bathroom. I've been a bit busy finishing up some very complicated Halloween costumes. More on that tomorrow or later today!

My lights came and I did get them hung. I love them. I plan to put vintage looking bulbs in them. I also painted and hung the mirror, finished painting the walls and started painting the trim. You can see a little of the glossy black trim in the mirror reflection. Sorry for the phone photo and the dirty mirror.

I painted the mirror the same color as the wall. The mirror is a little wider than I'd like - but you work with the $20 mirror you've got - so painting it the same color as the wall helps to make it look smaller. I also took the picture hanging wire off the mirror and hung it by the hooks that held the wire. This makes it hang nice and flat against the wall. I would have liked to have used a french cleat to hang it, but there wasn't a big enough flat surface on the back of the mirror to attach it to.

The trim is looking good and will probably take at least 2 coats. I really like Benjamin Moore ADVANCE Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint. It's a water based paint that acts like an oil based paint. It also "self levels" so even if you brush it one, you get a super smooth finish.

I hope to make major progress next week. I still have A LOT to do including: 
  • Paint vanity cabinet with chalk paint
  • Order and install new cabinet pulls
  • Finish painting trim
  • Paint door
  • Install new TP holder 
  • Refinish vanity countertop with a tile and tub refinishing product 
  • Once refinished, caulk edge where countertop meets wall 
  • Sew and hang roman shade
  • Find or make, and hang art
  • Find a brass hook on Etsy for hand towel 
The room has hit that phase where nothing looks done. I know its going to come together but its hard to see the finished room through the chaos. 

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