Friday, October 9, 2015

Lunch Notes for Little Kids

Last year I discovered lunch box notes on Pinterest. My now second grader has been a pretty strong reader since the end of kindergarten so he loves getting funny jokes or silly notes from me in his lunch. Now that my daughter is in kindergarten, she wants in on the lunch note fun. Unfortunately, she only knows a handful of site words and her name at this point. Not exactly joke telling material.

Since school started I have been drawing little pictures for her instead of notes. Since I draw them with a black sharpie on white card stock, they look like little coloring pages, and she's made a routine of coloring them in when she gets home from school. 

She likes them so much that I thought they'd be something worth sharing with you, my lovely readers. I plan to share one new set a week, so remember to check back in weekly if the notes are a hit with your little ones. 

To download and print the free PDF, click here

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