Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Fish and a Princess Trick or Treat

I love Halloween! I love to decorate, I love the fall weather and colors, and I love to make the kids' costumes. I've had a few traditional requests over the years like batman, pirate, and a Jedi; but I've also had some really unique requests like a recycling truck, frog, zebra, and penguin.

This year both of the kids picked very original costumes - and really put my sewing skills to the test. Fist up, my 8 year old asked to be a fish with a hook in its mouth. He loves fishing and I guess the hook makes the fish spooky.

I wish I could give you step by step instructions for this one! I did not use a pattern, although similar things exist. The shell is made from two pieces of 1" foam that are sewn together. I left the mouth and bottom open. I cut holes on both sides for his arms. I covered the foam with a fabric fish (like a giant fish shaped pillow case. The lips are a tube of fabric stuffed with fluff that I shaped and sewed on my hand. the hook was also sewn on the machine and stuffed with fluff. I cut a hole by the mouth threaded the hook through it, then hand stitched the hole shut around the hook. The eyes were also sewn on by hand.

My son loves it! He wore in in his school parade yesterday and he said grown-ups kept stopping him to take pictures. He was pretty proud.

My daughter is also very happy with her costume. She asked to be a princess. But not just any princess, the The Princess in Black

If you are not familiar with the book its about a princess who usually wears pink, but when she needs to save the kingdom she transforms into the The Princess in Black
. My daughter wanted a little pink in her costume so we lined the cape with pink fabric. I also didn't use a pattern for this one. I used one of her dresses to figure out basic measurements. I found the gloves, leggings, and boots on Amazon. The tiara is from Jo-Anns. 

I think it's pretty spot on. My little Princess in Black checked my progress daily to make sure I was "matching" the book. 

Did you make costumes this year? Any unusual requests from your kids? 

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