Thursday, September 10, 2015

All About That Base

One of the pieces of furniture I got at my grandmother's house is a long sideboard. Its not very deep and has lovely delicate lines. I put in my foyer along with a bowl of antique fishing floats that are similar to these, that also belonged to my grandmother, and a mirror that my mother gave me from her home shortly after I got married. The long table needed a pair of green lamps (the dining room is green I had my heart set on green lamps), but everything that I found that I liked was $200+ per lamp. Lamps are so expensive!

So I turned to the second hand market place - Etsy, Ebay and finally Craigslist, where I found a pair of lamps that fit my budget. The Asian celadon lamps were the color, size and shape I was looking for, but I didn't like the bases - a bit too ornate and fussy for my taste and they didn't come with shades. They were only $35 for the pair, so I decided to get them.

As soon as I got them home I started taking them apart. Thankfully they were easy to dismantle and within a few minutes of playing with them I had the ornate bases off. Note, that in order to take a lamp a part, you have to undo the wiring in the bulb socket. This is not difficult, but if you've never done it before, take pictures so that you know how to put it back together. There are also tons of youtube videos on the subject of wiring lamps.

These lamps had a wiring system that I was not familiar with, but really liked. Most lamps are wired like this:

These lamps had a little thing that you threaded the wire through, them clamped down. I cannot find a picture of it anywhere. They probably don't make them anymore, but it was super easy to use. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please tell me what they are called.

After taking them a part and successfully removed the ornate bases, I started looking online for new simple brass bases. I wanted something similar to this:

In my search I came across The site is pretty basic and the product pictures are not the best, but at $12 per base, I decided to give it a try. 

As soon as my bases arrived I assembled the lamps. The bases were exactly what I had in mind!

The new bases made a world of difference. Next I went on the hunt for the perfect shades.  I was having a really hard time finding the size shade I wanted for an affordable price (less than $100!), when I finally found Their shades are custom made, to size, in the USA! They are also very affordable. When my shades arrived one had a dent in it. I filled out a form on their website and they followed up with me immediately to replace the damaged shade.

The table and lamps make the foyer feel like it has a purpose. I plan to style the table a little bit more and will share in a future post. I couldn't be happier with my updated Craigslist lamps and now I won't let something like an ugly base be a deal breaker.

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