Tuesday, July 14, 2015

House Update: Den

Off our kitchen is a nice den that is semi open to the dining room. When we purchased the house, the only thing you noticed in the den was the dark wood paneling.


We thought about replacing the paneling, but decided to keep it. I love the way it looks painted. It adds texture and character to the room. Most of the furnishings are from our last house. We've had the sofa for more than 10 years and would like to replace it, but can live with it for a bit longer. The sofa color does work really well with the stone work in the fireplace (where my husband hung another giant TV). 

The room is so much brighter now.  I love to sit by the windows and enjoy my morning coffee before anyone else wakes up. The mid-century chair is a new addition. I found it at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $65. It was missing a cushion and needed to be refinished. The new cushions (which I had professionally made) are covered in a chenille fabric that matches the blue in the curtains.  

The den is next and open to the dining room. I wanted the rooms to have their own color pallets, while "playing nice" together. The green in the dining room has blue undertones that work really well with the orange and the blue in the den. 

I did not love the room divider when we first moved in. The brown glass felt dated and I really wanted to replace it. Unfortunately, that was not in the budget. Now that everything is painted and decorated, I don't mind the glass. It feels intentional not unchangeable. 

If you have any questions about furnishings, paint colors, or other specifics - leaving them in the comments. 

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Tasha said...

Looks great! Your natural artistic talent shows in your beautiful home!


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