Sunday, April 12, 2015

Moving and a Pixel Project

So we finally moved into our new home! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of unpacking, cleaning, painting, and working on a million other small projects like swapping out old toilets, updating all of the outlets and switches, and hanging new air vent covers. There is still much to be done. Its hard to take things one at a time, I feel like I keep jumping from project to project so nothing seems to be getting crossed off the list.

Last week the kids were on spring break and I managed to line up a bunch of contractors (locksmith, electrician, TV mounting techs). I also got a lot accomplished in my mudroom, which is the only room in the house where I am removing the wallpaper and painting the trim (we paid a professional to do the rest of the house). I'll post more on that later, but the bottom line on wallpaper removal is - never. ever. again. 

Today, I thought I'd take a little break from the house to share a project I completed for a friend shortly before moving - some original textile art for her daughter's room. 

Her daughter recently turned three graduated to a big girl bed. On a recent shopping trip to Ikea my friend and I spotted this duvet cover
She didn't end up buying it, but she really liked the colors. Her daughter's room has grey walls, a yellow bed, and a very colorful rug. I really liked it too and it inspired two upholstered wall hangings. 

I had four thin 2.5'x2.5' pieces of wood that came in the bottom of West Elm boxes that were used to ship my new barstools. Each piece was a bit too thin for the staple gun, so I used two pieces of the wood (stapled together) for each wall hanging. 

To assemble them, I cut a piece of batting to be slightly larger than the wood, then placed a piece of white cotton fabric on top of it all.

 I flipped it over and stapled the batting a fabric layers to the wood, like you'd do if you were upholstering a dining chair seat. 

I cut a bunch squares out of five colors of quilting cotton (yellow, orange, pink, grey, and blue) backed with Heat N Bond (ultra hold). I cut my squares by hand, but you could also use a Silhouette machine to cut them.  I actually would use my machine to cut them next time around as it would ensure that all of the squares are the exact same size. 

I played around with my pixel images and settled on a butterfly and a heart. Once I was happy with my designs I ironed them on to the white upholstered squares. You could also use a graph paper to plan your design. 

Before ironing

Here's the finished project on my mantle. My friend hung them up using 3M Command picture hanging strips. I need to get over there to take a picture of them hanging in the room! 

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