Thursday, January 22, 2015

The House

After a year of searching we finally found a house. We actually found it this summer, but it took a while for the sellers to come down in price. The house is in a great location, has a beautiful lot, and is really well constructed - but it needs lots of updating. We had a contractor help us ball park all the work that the house would require and used to help make the case for what the sellers probably thought was an insulting offer. We came in much, much lower than the asking price.

After some great negotiating by our realtor and a little drama over a previously undisclosed abandoned oil tank - we got the house. We closed the day after my husband turned 40. Happy birthday to him! work started the next day. I'll share everything we plan to do to the house in my next post. I thought I'd start with a little tour of the house (as it looked before work started).

Before we jump into pictures it might help to see floor plans.

Main Level, Third Floor, and Garage 
Basement (most of which is above grade), and Second Floor
Any pictures with furniture were taken during the inspection or were from the listing photos. Sorry the quality on many of these isn't great - a lot of them were taken with my phone. Be warned, there are quite a few pictures...


close up of the the foyer floors

Dining room 

Den (to become my husband's office) 

Living room 

hallway from living room to master

Family room

view of den from kitchen
Breakfast Area 


Laundry Room


Master Study 

Master Bath 

Bedrooms on Second Floor (these rooms are almost identical) 

landing between rooms 
Third Floor (to become my studio space) 

Rec Room

the bar

Bedroom (to become playroom)

Bedroom with Kitchenette

Guest Bath


So thats the house. I am a lucky girl. I can't wait to share the progress as our vision for this house becomes a reality. 

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