Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Office Shower

Sometimes I get to be creative at my day job. I work for an wonderful organization and love what I do, but I rarely get to tap into my creative side. So when opportunities arise that require some creativity I always volunteer to help. One such occasion was the recent office bridal shower for one of my coworkers. She is getting married next month and we decided to throw her a surprise picnic themed shower. One of the ladies in our office had thrown a picnic themed baby shower for her daughter and had all kinds of goodies to share including mason jars and green check napkins. My boss had a nice selection of green, yellow, and orange platters to contribute; and I had all kinds of bins, buckets, and crafty things to add to the mix.

 I manged to get nine arrangements out of three bouquets of flowers from Whole Foods. 

The proposal involved a pint of Ben and Jerry's so we served single size portions instead of cake. 

I've had this wood grain paper for ages. I love the way these signs turned out. 

I used my circle cutter to make little labels with the bride and groom's initials for the bottles of Izze.  

Even the gift wrap matched the color scheme.

The bride to be was very surprised and has adorned her desk/cube with several of the decorations. This weekend I am throwing a baby shower for a dear friend who deserves to be showered with all of the love in the world. Check back in for pictures next week. 


spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

So cute, Amanda! You are so creative. What a lucky bride. xxoo

Stacey said...

So sweet. Love the Ben & Jerry's mini cups.


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