Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Tale of Two Tiles

The hubby and I are in lets get this sh*t done mode. We have a mile long list of house projects that we have been avoiding.  This weekend we finally assigned some deadlines to the list and got to work on a couple of big projects in the kitchen and the kids' bathroom.

My partner in home improvement crime
As you may recall from this post, we have already made quite a few updates to the kitchen including:
  • painting the cabinets
  • installing a microwave/vent over the stove
  • painting the walls
  • upgrading the appliances
  • installing recessed lighting (we left this to professionals)
  • dry walling the breakfast room (thank you professionals)
  • painting the breakfast room
  • updating lighting in the breakfast room
We have lived with the granite tile counter tops and back splash for the last 3+ years. I hated it when we moved in and I still hate it. The grout never looks clean, I don't like the color (it has flecks of pink in it), and it just looks DIY. This weekend we picked out new quartz engineered counter tops and we demolished the back splash.

We hoped the back splash would come off with minimal damage to the dry wall but, as you can see from the picture above, that was not the case. Phase two will involve removing the remaining drywall and hanging new drywall. We hope to get to that one night this week. We didn't finish up the drywall removal this weekend because our shop vac died on us. Why is it that every project requires at least 3 trips to the Home Depot? 

We also made major progress on the kids' bathroom. When we moved in the tub had a heavy and very ugly sliding shower door. We removed most of it about a month after settling in, but there was one stubborn piece that would not come off. We finally pried it off a few months ago, along with several tiles and sizable chunks of concrete (1940's tiles were set into concrete). The daunting task of repairing concrete and re tiling kept us from making any progress on this room.

It turned out to be a relatively easy project, although one requiring multiple steps (mix concrete, apply layer of concrete, let dry, repeat at least 3 times, cut tile, adhere tile, let dry, grout...). The picture below is pre-grout application.  Ignore the mismatched tile, we are having the entire bathroom reglazed white this weekend. We reglazed the one and only full bathroom in our last 1940s house and were very pleased with the results. Here's hoping for a repeat performance!

Oh, and speaking of getting Sh*t done. While working on this post I realized that we've accomplished all sorts of projects that I haven't taken and shared pictures of. I promise a handful of "after" posts will be coming your way!

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Stacey said...

You two are awesome. Can't wait to see the finished projects.


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