Friday, May 31, 2013

The Hunt is Over

A few weeks ago (and sadly only two post ago) I mentioned that I have been on the hunt for a bookcase for my son's room. He is quite the collector and creator, and has been in need of a place to stash/display his treasures/creations. On Mother's Day weekend I managed to sneak out of the house for a little "me time" at my favorite local thrift store. Within 10 minutes I spotted exactly what I had been looking for, this smallish mid century hutch priced at $30! I forgot to take a picture of it before I took off the glass sliding doors, back panel and hardware - but you get the idea. It was pretty dinged up and was beyond refinishing so I decided to paint it to match my son's bed. After carefully prying off the back panel and removing all of the hardware (which has practically yellow with age - I used Bar Keepers Friend to clean it), I sanded the hutch then cleaned it with deglosser. I painted it with Benjamin Moore Aura Paint (the color is Old Navy) using a foam roller brush as well as a paint brush for the corners.

I wanted to do something fun with the back panel and considered painting stenciling it like I did on this larger hutch in my dining room. Since the it will be home to my son's treasures I decided to cover the panel with a map (get it? treasure map...). I found an affordable world map on Amazon ($20) that was the perfect size. After trimming the map to fit the panel I attached it using Elmer's Spray adhesive. I reattached the panel to the hutch using upholstery nails.

So without further's a few shots of the Before:

And here's the After:
The little wire baskets came from the thrift store too. When my son  saw them he said, "Mommy, they are perfect and very piratey". I am so glad he appreciates his treasure hunting momma.


Unknown said...

The hutch looks awesome! And I love your curtains too; I want to put some like that in my son's room. Do you mind if I ask where you got them?
Mandy Lake

Amanda said...

Jan, I am so glad you noticed the curtains. I made them and have been meaning to post about them forever. Pottery Barn Kids makes something similar. I made mine for a lot less. I bought the fabric from You can also link to the site from this post,


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