Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pinned It - Made It: Bottle Cap Snake

I spent a good portion of my mother's day crafting with my 5 year old. We decided to tackle this little  project I had pinned a few weeks ago. The original link can be found here.

As you may recall from this project a couple of months ago, my son loves to collect bottle caps - rarely does one make it to the trash at our house. We'd replenished our supply and then some since our last project and had more than enough to make our own snake. We used 100 bottle caps for this project.

We modified our snake a little bit and instead of making the head and tail out of polymer clay, we made ours out of fabric. 

To make our little snake, first we washed all of our caps in soapy water. My little helper loved this job. 

An old toothbrush made a great cap scrubber. 

We placed them on a towel to dry and started punching holes in them. 

 I used a hammer and large nail to punch holes in the caps. This process took no time. 

Next we strung the caps together with elastic. This was another great job for my helper. I put a little bit of masking tape around the top of the elastic so that it wouldn't get frayed while threading the caps.

I tied the elastic to buttons to hold in place while we made the head and tail for our snake. I used scraps of green fabric to make both. The eyes are black pom-poms and the tongue is made of felt. Its hard to see, but I sewed a little loop into the base of the snake head (I used ribbon for the loop). I attached the head by threading the elastic through this loop then thread the elastic back through the button and tied the elastic under the button. I used the same method for the tail.

Our new friend is fitting in nicely with all of the other handmade toys. 

His little sister thought it was pretty cool too. 

I can't think of a better way to spend mother's day than crafting with my kiddo. How about you, how did you spend your mother's day? Were crafts involved? 

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Grammy said...

The snake looks really scarry!!!


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