Monday, February 4, 2013

Wasted Space

Our kitchen has probably been one of the most challenging rooms in our house to deal with (from a design perspective) and to live with. Its small, has an odd layout, and beyond blowing out a load bearing wall and taking on a major renovation, there is not much that we could have done with the space. We did brighten it up considerably by painting the walls and the cabinets. We also changed out all of the hardware as well as the kitchen faucet shortly after we moved in. 

New countertops and backsplash are in the plans this year. Both are currently covered with granite tiles. I can't stand them. The grout lines never seem clean enough and they have sharp corners that beg my kids to run into them. While we debate colors, styles and products for the countertop and backsplash project, I decided to take on a very small part of the kitchen that has been in need of a little TLC. 

One of the corners of the kitchen between the pantry and the fridge has a weird void of unused space. I think the odd set up may have something to do with duct work for the AC. Who knows. 

Anyway, I was looking at it the other day and I thought, "hmmm a small shelf might fit in that space perfectly and give it a purpose."So I picked up this shelf and these brackets at Ikea. I had initially thought I could fit two shelves into the space, but I wasn't accounting for the height of my stand mixer. The one shelf makes a big difference and got a lot of everyday use items off of the counter top. 

Now that its up I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. The project took less than 30 minutes! I need to make a list of all of those small projects I've been meaning to do and start banging them out. Oh and I didn't change the color of the walls. They look a bit brown in these photo, they are more grey. 

Now I am thinking about doing something with the bit of wall between the shelf and the ceiling. Not sure what yet, but I think it will be something round like a clock or a plate. I am open to suggestions. 

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