Friday, February 15, 2013

5 Seconds of Fame

Update: As is often the case with live TV, it appears that the Oscar planning party segment that was supposed to air on Kelly and Michael today was bumped. It will air on Feb 22nd so be sure to tune in!

OMG Ya'll! The project I am sharing today, Oscar party wine bottle tags, was featured in a segment on Live with Kelly and Michael today! I actually included the project in an Oscar party planning idea board a couple of years ago. Its one of the most pinned pages on my blog and I am pretty sure that's where Kelly and Michael's people spotted it. Any way, I am super excited about my blog's 5 sec. of fame, and I am excited to share this project with you today.

Now to the wines bottle tags. So these are really easy to make and a fun way to dress up your bar if you are having an Oscar's party. The tags are basically a folded rectangle of card stock with a hole cut in the top.

To make you own tags simply:

  1. Download the PDF I have created for you (here for tags with color backgrounds and here for tags with white backgrounds
  2. Print PDF file on card stock (I sent mine to Kinkos to ensure the best image quality) 
  3. Use a paper cutter to cut out rectangles and circle cutter to cut out circles. 
  4. Measure 3" down from the top of the tag and use a bone folder to fold the tag. 
  5. Hang the tag on a bottle of wine (or liquor, or soda). 
You could even make a bit of a game out of this by taking bets on whether or not the amount of wine left in the bottle will be an indicator of the film on its tag's success. In other words, will the bottle with the least amount of wine be the best picture winner?


Melissa said...

Congrats, Amanda!!! That's so exciting!
Those bottle tags are super cool. Awesome idea!

Marianne said...

We saw it today. Congrats on being on TV. Mariane and Bill


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