Monday, January 28, 2013

Monster Designer

I have dabbled with doll making in the past and I am proud to report that all of my doll creations have withstood the test of toddler and preschooler play.

Recently my son asked me to make him a new monster to be friends with the one pictured above. I thought it would be fun to engage him in the creative process so I asked him to design the monster himself. About 10 minutes later he emerged with a drawing of his monster. His involvement  in the process didn't stop there. He helped me pick the fabric, gave his feedback on the length and placement of the legs and arms, turned arm and leg tubes inside out, and helped stuff the monster with fluff.

Our new friend came together relatively quickly. There was no tricky sewing involved since it is basically an odd shaped pillow with a bunch of arm and leg tubes attached to it. My son is pretty happy with the results and is really proud of "his" creation. 

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