Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Be M'eye Valentine!

Last year I went a little over board with the Valentines for my 4 year old son's class. He was really into dinosaurs so I made paper sticks of dino-mite. Each contained a little dinosaur.

This year I didn't go quite as nuts, but I did whip up some original handmade, candy free valentines. My son is still very much into pirates so I knew I had to make something piratey. I came up with eye patches accompanied by a note reading, "Ahoy there Matey! Will you be m-eye Valentine? I used my new Silhouette Cameo (Thanks Mom!) to make them.

I used red scrap booking paper to cut out petal shaped envelopes. I embellished them with a skull and cross bones cut out.  I also cut out hearts using the excess areas of the scrap paper around each petal enclosure. The image below is from the third or 5th cut and I did not need anymore hearts.

I printed the insert message on white card stock. Click here to download the free PDF. I cut out the cards and had my son sign each one before using double-sided tape to attach them to the inside of the envelopes. The back of the note fills in the skull and cross bones cut out.

To make the eye patches, I un-grouped the Silhouette skull and cross bones image using the Silhouette editing software. I deleted all of the now un-grouped images but the left eye (as it looked the most like an eye patch) and used the editing software to add to small holes to tie the elastic through. I grouped the small holes and eye together allowing me to change the size of the new image and easily cut and paste it. I was able to print all of the eye patches using two and a half pieces of black scrap paper.

I used double sided tape to add hearts to the eye patches. I tied thin elastic cord (8 inches per patch) that I found in the jewelry making section of Micheal's. I recommend trying one patch on your child for size to make sure it fits before you mass produce a bunch of ill fitting eye patches.

I placed one eye patch in each envelope and closed the enveloped by folding one petal at a time on top of the one before it then tucking the last petal edge under the first petal edge (I wish there was an easier way to explain this).

You could make this project without a Silhouette Cameo. Paper Source sells petal envelopes, and although they are slightly larger than the ones I made they would still work well for kids valentines. Instead of cutting out the skull and cross bones image it could be stamped. Lastly, the eye patch could be hand cut and hole punched, which depending on how many you needed to make, wouldn't take that long.


Anonymous said...

hahah! This is super cute! Arrr! :) You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-)


Amanda said...

Candie, thanks for the link. Done!


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