Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pom-Pom Garland

One of the vendors at the outdoor arts and crafts/farmers market near my house uses twine and pom-pom garlands to decorate her booth. As soon as I got home from this weekend's market, I decided to make my own. I knew they would be the perfect festive touch for back to back dinner parties we hosted over the weekend.  I made two garlands, one to hang on the chandelier and one for the table.

The were super easy to make. First I made the pom-poms. I used this technique (see step 3 shortcut). The first one took a little bit of time, but once I got the hang of it they started multiplying like gremlins.

I did not cut the section of yarn that I used to tie the pom-poms together - leaving them long. I used the long sections of yarn to tie the pom-poms on to the twine, then trimmed them. I spaced my pom-poms about 12 inches apart from each other and each garland is about  5 feet long. The thick twine kept its coiled shape which gave the garlands even more dimension.

In addition to using them at our parties over the weekend, I plan to use them again at Christmas.

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