Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Girl Bed

My daughter started climbing out of her crib shortly after her second birthday. Although she was actually quite skilled at it, within a couple of weeks we transitioned her to a big girl bed. Since we don't have a guest room, it is occupied by our aupair, we decided to get a full sized bed for Miss Priss.

Although most of our guests will be happy with an air bed in the play room, it would be nice to offer slightly nicer accommodations to our parents. When we need to use our daughter's room as a guest room, she can camp out on a kid sized Aero bed in her brother's room.

To help with the transition from crib to big bed we put the box spring and bed directly on the floor for a couple of weeks. Our daughter took to her new bed right away.

A quality mattresses is an investment and is the most essential component of a bed. I could not justify spending an equal amount on a bed frame and bedding.  So while our daughter got acclimated to not sleeping in a crib, I began looking for low cost frame and bedding options. Since I sold her crib for $150,  I was determined to spend $150 or less on her new bed (excluding the mattress). I was thrilled to come in $20 under budget.

First, I scoured thrift stores and Craigslist looking for a suitable bed frame. I found exactly what I was looking for at Value Village, a vintage headboard and foot board - probably from the 50s or 60s - with really nice lines. The two pieces cost me $25.

I cleaned both (boy were they dirty!) and primed them for painting. I thought about painting them a fun bright color, but ended up going with white. I wanted something classic and timeless that could grow with our little girl. To be able to make the head board and foot board functional I needed rails. I called around to a couple of mattress stores and was happy to learn that they sell hook-on rails for a very reasonable price, in my case $35.

I dressed the bed with a bright pink check print duvet set. It a discontinued Pottery Barn Kids print that I bought on e-bay seller for $50. I topped it all off with a simple, white, $20 dust ruffle from When I rearranged the room to fit the bed, there wasn't a good spot for the green bench. I placed at the foot of the bed and it seems to work well there.

I got the little flower pillow on sale at Target - isn't it a perfect match? 

I am still working on a few more projects in our big girl's room including making a few fun pillows for the bed, hanging new art, adding some layers to the window treatments, and adding some big girl accessories.

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