Monday, June 4, 2012

One Proud Sister

You may recall that last summer I went to West Virginia to visit my sister when she was debilitated with GBS. During my visit I organized and refreshed her basement. I left behind one piece of furniture that I was not able to makeover during my visit. A campaign style night stand for my nieces room. I suggested that my sister paint it a glossy pink. Although she could barely walk when I left her house last summer, I knew that she would get better and that she would be able to transform that little night stand someday. The day finally came.

She transformed this

Into this

Didn't she do a great job? I love the color, its Valspar Frosted-berry gloss. Here's what my sister had to say about her first furniture rehab project, "My sister found this piece of furniture that I would have passed right on by but with her gifted eye, she could see the potential for our toddler’s room.  First we removed the hardware and lightly sanded the entire thing with an electric sander.  We then sprayed on a coat of white primer followed by a pink gloss, 2 cans each.  We then shined the fixtures with Brasso and put it all together.  My husband calls the color, “Barbie Pink”, perfect for our little princess and all for under $50!”

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