Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nice Knock Offs

Beatrice's crib and bedding sold and are now out of my house. I am now in purging mode and need to find some time to go through every storage space in this house and, well, clean house. I desperately want neat organized closets and drawers that are free of clutter. I have adapted some organizing solutions spotted on Pinterest but I have a long way to go. More on this later.

Given my desire to get rid of things you may be surprised by this.
look what I bought...

I have been searching for red stackable chairs for my kitchen for months. I have some nice modern dark brown chairs in there now, but they just have never really felt like they fit the room or my style. I hope to sell the brown chairs on Criagslist before the red ones arrive.

Priced at $196 for 4, these Tolix style chairs found at overstock.com were a steal. You can expect to pay $200-300 per piece for the real deal. I can't wait to show you pictures of them in my recently refreshed breakfast room!

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