Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Thrifty Christmas

I am approaching gift giving a little bit differently this holiday. My children have more toys than they know what do with, and I am a little tired of the push to buy, buy, buy. I want to teach my children that a gift or anything for that matter doesn't have to be bright and shiny, or be the "must have" gift, to be one of value. 

My son will get some of the things that he has asked for, and my daughter (who can’t talk yet) will get a few things that she will surely love too. However, this year, in addition to one or two store bought toys, they (and their cousins) will also each get a few handmade gifts (made by me or from small businesses) and several second hand gifts. I plan to add the money I would have normally spent on them to my annual donation to a local charity.

It’s a win-win all around. The kids will have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully they will appreciate the bright and shiny store bought toys and the creative and unique toys equally; we will be able to give more to those truly in need this holiday; not to mention the fact that buying second hand items is good for the environment.

This week’s Thrifty Thursday project is a thrift store find that is being gifted to my 19 month old niece. I have been on the look out for a used baby doll stroller for a while and found one in excellent condition this past weekend for $3. Of course I forgot to take a picture before I went to work on it, but it looked similar to this, Disney princesses and all. The only difference is that mine is pink with purple wheels. 

To spiff it up, first I cleaned it with Clorox wipes and a Magic Eraser (to remove scuff marks). Next, I removed the cheap Disney princess themed seat. I used it as a template to make a new mod seat with cotton fabric. I was able to reuse the little strap that holds dolly in place. Isn't it adorable? My daughter is in love with it and I had to hide it from her. 

The total project took me about an hour. I found a new version of the stroller on Amazon for $28. That’s $25 additional dollars for the holiday charity fund!

Throughout the month of December I’ll be sharing other thrifty gift finds, my savings, and the running total of my holiday giving fund. Have you ever given a secondhand gift? Would you?

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