Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I love a good thrifting find, don't you? When I lived in Richmond I had more than a few favorite places for thrifting. I recently left my job in Richmond which means that I won't be making the drive south once a week, and I won't get to pop into my favorite thrift stores. At least I'll get to live vicariously through Richmond Thrifter. This great blog is all about a very crafty Richmonder's thrifty finds and projects.

I have been exploring the thrift stores in my new hood and I have found two that I love! Unique Thrift and Value Village. They are both huge mega thrift store chains that sell everything! I am taking a little bit of time off in between jobs, and yesterday I got to spend some time looking for deals.

I found so much stuff that I have decided to add a regular weekly post about my thrifty finds. Today, I am so excited to share my son's new library book cart. Elliot has a ton of books and I am always on the lookout for nice solid wood bookcases. I was SUPER excited when I spotted this little book cart tucked deep within a stack of furniture at Value Village.

It is the perfect size, has casters, and is solid wood. The price of $8.50 sealed the deal. As soon as I got it home I cleaned it, sanded it, and painted it with the paint that I had left over from Elliot's bed (Benjamin Moore's Old Navy).

Land of Nod sells a similar cart (below), with only one slanted shelf for $199. I also found an almost identical cart on a library supply site for $225!

I'll be sharing more great goodies every Thursday! Do you have an amazing thrifty find to share? Post pics and details on the Namesake Design Facebook page.


Stacey said...

I love it!!

Amanda said...

Stacey, I knew you'd be the first person to comment on this! If you lived closer it would have been a Christmas present for my niece and nephew :)

The Packs said...

this is fantastic!!


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