Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Little Chipmunk

Happy Halloween! Sorry its a day late. Last week for me was one of times in life that made me grateful for everything I have, and made me want to hold and hug my children extra tight. I would have given anything to have been able to get wrapped up in the pre-Halloween festivities of pumpkin carving, crafting, and decorating; and I know a dear friend of mine wishes the same for herself.

I don't want to go into anymore detail, other than to say that by last night I was pretty emotionally drained.     I did manage to get it together to take the kids trick or treating. I am really glad that I made their outfits early this year, otherwise I would have been desperately trolling the aisles of Target on Sunday night. At 5:45 PM the hubby and I headed out into the Maryland suburbs with Batman and his sidekick, Chipmunk. Dressing up Beatrice as a chipmunk was Elliot's idea. We have a little family of them living in our back yard and he thinks they are very cute. 

I modeled her outfit off the Pottery Barn Kids style costumes. She even had a matching acorn candy bag. Originally I made her a hat with ears but she absolutley refused to wear in during our first costume fitting. So instead I attached little ears to barrettes. In the end, they were much cuter than the hat and she didn't mind them at all. It didn't take Beatrice long to get into Trick or Treating. She love following Batman up to every door and seemed to put a lot of thought into her candy selection. By the end of the night she was so tired that she tried to climb into her crib with with her costume on!

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