Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Graveyard Bell Jar

It is no secret that Halloween is a favorite holiday of many crafters. I am no exception. Every year I try to create a few decorations to add to my stash. Last year my favorite crafts included a tissue paper garland and trick or treat banner. My first creation this season was inspired by this week's Iron Craft Challenge to create something with a glass vessel or container. I went to my favorite local thrift store in search of inspiration, and came  home with an assortment of figurines and a clock with a glass dome.

After some removing of tape from the glass on the clock, dismantling, painting, and embellishing I had a spooky little bell jar terrarium. My husband thinks its bizarre. I think its fun. I am on the hunt for another vessel to house the other figurines I bought (a pair of owls and a little tree stump).

After removing the clock parts, I spray painted the base of the clock glossy black. I painted the figurine with acrylic craft paint and glued a little scrap of fabric to her hat to create a veil. I used black card stock to create the fence and a styrofoam meat tray to make the head stone. The ground cover is Spanish moss.

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kat said...

Your husband is crazy, its awesome!


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