Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mad About Madras

Look what came in the mail yesterday! 13+ yards of Madras. What am I going to make with it? 

Here's a hint... 

Yep, I'm making curtains for my son's room. 

I loved these the minute I saw them in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. At $69 per panel (on sale now for $55) they would cost me a total of $414, not including tax and shipping ($330 on sale).  That's a bit more than I wanted to spend so I started search the Internet for Madras fabric. I was super excited to find Atlantis Fabric. They have a huge selection and most of their Madras is $10 or less per yard.

My curtains will cost about 1/2 the SALE price of the Pottery Barn Kids version! I'll be busy sewing this weekend and hope to have pics to share with you next week.

Oh, and I promise to post pics of the Master Makeover by the end of the week!

1 comment:

The Packs said...

How cute! I can't wait to see photos of the finished product


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