Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Last night I made this sweet little sign for my the door to my daughter's room. I have been wanting to make it for a while and this week's Iron Craft Challenge to make something with a book, was the push I needed. It wasn't a hard project, just one of many little projects in the to-do pile.

To make the sign I applied scanned and printed images from an old nursery rhyme book (that I picked up at a garage sale for 50 cents) to a door knob sign from Michaels. I did not use the original images because I plan to use them for other projects (birthday cards, onesies, gift tags etc.)

The book is filled with other wonderful images that I have started scanning. You can see more via this Flickr album.

As is often the case with a first time creation, I plan to make adjustments to this project the next time around. To make it look a bit more professional I plan to superimpose the words on top of the images before printing. I would also like to Modge Podge the top part of the sign with a fun scrapbooking paper - like a cute polka dot. I plan to make more of these, and when I do I'll let you know what the next version looks like. 

On a completely different topic, I am in need of a new camera. Mine is no longer functional and I am relying on my iPhone to take pictures. Do you love your camera? I am looking for recommendations. I want something that is affordable, easy to use but not too basic, and most importantly - takes great pictures. Thanks in advance for your feedback/advice!

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kat said...

Oh, I bet there are a lot of great images in there. The ones you used are so sweet, pink & girlie.


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