Monday, August 22, 2011

Master Makeover - Art Collection Installation

Close-ups from my collection of Japanese prints

When planning for my Master Makeover I knew that I wanted to include four original Japanese prints in the design. Two were given to me by my mother and two by my Uncle (my Dad's younger brother). Although all of the prints work well in the room, the original frames did not. They were a variety of colors, the mats were aged, and one of the frames was damaged. re-framing all of the art was not in my budget so I took a more cost effective approach; I dismantled each piece, spray painted all of the frames the same color (Rust-o-leum Stone), had new bright white mats cut, and put everything back together. The total cost was less than $100 (I could have easily spent $500+ having it all re-framed) and the end result now looks like a cohesive collection rather than a random assortment of prints. The color of the spray paint is somewhere in between the greys in the curtain fabric and brown on the headboard.

Before paint and new mats

wood, plastic, and gilded frames were all represented...
I hung one on the wall between the bathroom and my closet, one on the wall between the two windows (sorry the pic is so dark), and two prints over the bed.

I think I need to edit the dresser styling

I plan to bring one more piece of art into the room. I spotted this amazing abstract on Pinterest, and I am going to try to recreate it. Don't worry, I won't make you wait for me to take on an oil painting before posting pics of the room reveal. You can expect to see those later this week. 

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