Friday, August 12, 2011

Calling All Heroes..

I am feeling a bit defeated and could use a super hero. Actually, my sister is the one who needs the hero. She is back in the hospital receiving more treatment for GBS.  She still has paralysis, her 17 month old can't visit her in the hospital, and on top of all of that her basement flooded a couple of days ago! Yes, the basement that I organized and decorated, that she says she dreams about from her hospital bed, it flooded. Carpet ruined. Baseboards soaked. Its just a big mess and the last thing she needs to deal with right now. I just hope the insurance claim can be expedited so that it can put back together before she leaves the hospital. I know it could be worse. She will get better, the flood wasn't a fire, and her daughter won't remember this time they have spent apart. Still it sucks and I wish I could do more to help her.

I am hopeful that my sis will be recovered in time for two special occasions in September, a dear friend's wedding and Elliot's 4th birthday. Elliot likes to tell people that his name is Batman. I know that if he could save the day and make his aunt better, he would. To celebrate we are throwing our super guy, a super hero themed party. I have been pinning all kinds of ideas and inspiration on Pinterest, and I already made and sent out the invitations.

I hope my sister has hers hanging by her bed. Because I know, even though it won't make her better, it will make her smile. 

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