Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School Pillow Project

For this week's Iron Craft Challenge (which seems to have become more of an every other week challenge for me) we were asked to make something transportation inspired. With the school buses resuming their routes in the neighborhood this week, and my son's great interest and excitement about school (even though he still has a couple years left of preschool) - I decided to make him a school bus pillow.

  1. First I drew my bus onto the yellow fabric. I then cut it out, traced it, and cut out a second bus using a soft denim (I didn't have enough yellow fabric).  
  2. Next, I cut three strips of yellow fabric (each about 18 inches long and three inches wide). I sewed the three strips together to make one long strip. I pinned the long strip around the yellow bus (wrong side to wrong side) then attached the denim bus the same way. You can see a good step by step tutorial of a similar process here (I actually found this tutorial after I made my bus. I am glad other bloggers think to take pictures of their projects in process!)
  3. I then stitched the long strip to both buses. I did not close off the opening where the strip ends met. I used the opening to turn the pillow right side out. Next I applied Heat N Bond to black and red fabric. I cut out my embellishments (windows, tires, stop sign etc) and ironed them on to the bus. 
  4. Once all of the embellishments were attached I filled the pillow with fluff and hand stitched the small opening closed. 

Elliot loves the bus, but so does his little sister! I am going to have to make another fun pillow for her. I also want to make more transportation inspired pillows for Elliot - I think a stop sign and a stop light would also be really cute. 


kat said...

Oh yeah, you could do all sorts of these!

Chinnu said...

This is so very adorable!!! Lovely!!
My nephew loves his yellow school bus an Aunt who can't stitch so made a scrapbook for him in the shape of his school bus with all pictures from his school....he loves it!!

This pillow bus is a darling!!

Bondy007 said...

I came across this when I was looking for a school bus pillow for my 2 year old. He loves school buses. Will you consider making one for us? We live in Champaign, Illinois. If yes, please send me an email @
It will make one little guy very happy!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Would you consider making one for my little boy? If so, please email me Thanks so much!!!

j29j22 said...

Would you consider making me 1
If u would contact me at thanks


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