Friday, July 22, 2011

Where We Start Our Weekends

I am very lucky to live in a walkable community. Not only are we 10 minutes from the metro (and a short ride to DC), but we live within walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants, shops, and a wonderful farmer's market and art market. The kids and I hit the markets almost ever Saturday to check out the art; eat crepes; and buy fresh produce, meat and cheese. Both markets are located in downtown Silver Spring near the corner of Fenton Street and Ellsworth.

We always visit the Fenton Street Market (the art market) first. Our first stop is the crepe truck. They even have a little step stool at the counter for curious three year olds that want to watch their crepes being made. Elliot and I both love the Banana, Strawberry, Nutela crepe. Next, we check out the art, jewelry, clothes, and antiques.  Elliot and Beatrice's favorite stop is the model train display (sponsored by the Riverdale Model Train Club).

There is always a vendor selling Guatemalan crafts

Jewelry by Bella Acai

Bags by five mile road

Prints by evolution now

Art prints by Larry Stevens - We bought this one for Elliot. He loves the Beatles.

Bibs and other baby gear by Yinibini Baby

There is a flower stand at the Farmer's Market that sells amazing bouquets for $8!

If you live in the DC area, I highly recommend a visit to downtown Silver Spring on a Saturday morning. There really is something for everyone. Also if you do visit the Fenton Street Market and really enjoy it, be advised that it may not be back next year! You can get more info and sign a petition here.

Now that I have lived within walking distance of two open air markets (I posted about the market near us in Richmond way back in 2009), I don't think I could have it any other way.

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