Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Camp Crafts

This week's Iron Craft Challenge was to create something inspired by summer camp crafts. My son, our au pair, and I used sand art to whip up some summery votives. Sand art is a fun and easy craft and a great project to do with kids. Its also a craft I recall from my summers at Camp Friendship. Cheesy name isn't it?  Despite the name it was great sleep away camp where I made some amazing memories between the ages of 13 and 15.

To make colored "sand" shave chalk with a knife and mix the shavings with salt. Stir until the salt is covered with chalk (my son loved and took charge of this step) and is the desired color. Use a measuring cup to pour the colored salt into a glass vessel. I used a small glass and my son and our au pair used baby food jars. Add layers of colors and, if you like, use a tooth pick to add striations between the layers. Drop in your votive and viola! I plan to make a few more votives out of glasses and to make them a bit more visually interesting when in use, I plan to use varying heights for the salt levels. To hide some of the lid groves on the baby food jars we wrapped the tops with a little bit of raffia.

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kat said...

I never knew you colors your own sand, I just assumed you bought it that way. So, cool


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